Mechanism of enhanced impulse and entrainment of a pulsed jet through a flexible nozzle
Daehyun Choi & Hyungmin Park
Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2024) (accepted)

Free-surface air entrainment into bubbles by a Rushton-type impeller in unbaffled stirred tank
Hyungyu Sung & Hyungmin Park
Physics of Fluids 34, 103323 (2024) (accepted)

Prediction of the marine spreading of low sulfur fuel oil using the long short-term memory model trained with three-phase numerical simulations  
Jaebeen Lee & Hyungmin Park
Marine Pollution Bulletin 202, 116356 (2024)

Toward the eco-friendly cosmetic cleansing assisted by the micro-bubbly jet  
Yeeun Kang*, Jooyeon Park* & Hyungmin Park
Scientific Reports 14, 8189 (*equally contributed) (2024)

Bubble-bubble interactions in two-dimensional bubble-chain flows 
Jieun Yeo & Hyungmin Park
International Journal of Multiphase Flow 171, 104665 (2023)

Effect of superhydrophilic surface on the cavitation behaviors of rotating blades  
Hongseok Choi, Seungtae Oh, Choongyeop Lee, Haecheon Choi, & Hyungmin Park
Physics of Fluids 35, 113316(2023) (Featured article)

Development of rapid and effective oil-spill response system integrated with oil collection, recovery and storage devices for small oil spills at initial stage: from lab-scale study to field-scale test 
Linfeng Piao, Chan Jin Park, Seong Jin Kim, KyungTaek Park, Yong Jun Lee, Ho-Young Kim, Myoung-Woon Moon, & Hyungmin Park
Journal of Environmental Management 345, 118833 (2023)

Characterization of the physical and weathering properties of low sulfur fuel oil (LSFO) and its spreading on water surface
Jaebeen Lee, Linfeng Piao & Hyungmin Park
Journal of Hazardous Materials 453, 131444 (2023) 

Gas composition measurements in randomly distributed and fast moving gas bubbles in two-phase fluids
Seonwoong Kim, Jongwun Choi, Hyungmin Park, Taekeun Yoon & Hyungrok Do
Optics Express  31, 14255-14264 (2023)

Study of capturing micro-sized floating polyethylene particles using a bubble
Jinyong Choi & Hyungmin Park
Journal of the Korean Society of  Visualization 20, 69-75 (2022) (in Korean)

Plastron replenishment on superhydrophobic surfaces using bubble injection
Hyungyu Sung , Hongseok Choi, Chiwook Ha, Choongyeop Lee & Hyungmin Park
Physics of Fluids 34, 103323 (2022)

Flow-structure interaction of the starting jet through the flexible circular nozzle
Daehyun Choi & Hyungmin Park
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 949 (2022)

Bubble velocimetry using the conventional and CNN-based optical flow algorithms
Daehyun Choi*, Hyunseok Kim* & Hyungmin Park
Scientific Reports 12 , 11879 (*equally contributed) (2022)

Analysis of the liquid column atomization by the annular dual-nozzle gas jet flow
Daehyun Choi, Jungwon Byun & Hyungmin Park
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 943 (2022)

From fundamental to practical aspects of bubble-induced agitation
Hyungmin Park
Science Talks 2, 100022 (2022)

Optimized mechanism for fast removal of infectious pathogen-laden aerosols in the negative-pressure unit
Jooyeon Park, Kwang Suk Lee & Hyungmin Park
Journal of Hazardous Materials 435, 5, 128978 (2022)

Flow induced by the single-bubble chain depending on the bubble release frequency
Joohyoung Lee & Hyungmin Park
Physics of Fluids 34, 033312 (2022)

Bubble dynamics and induced flow in a subcooled nucleate pool boiling with varying subcooled temperature
Hyunsup Kim & Hyungmin Park
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 183, Part A, 122054 (2022)

Particle leakage through the exhalation valve on a face mask under flow conditions mimicking human breathing : A critical assessment
Yeeun Kang, Jooyeon Park & Hyungmin Park
Physics of Fluids 33 ,103326  (2021)

Superhydrophobic drag reduction in turbulent flows: a critical review
Hyungmin Park, Chang-Hwan Choi & Chang-Jin “CJ” Kim
Experiments in Fluids 62, 229 (2021)

Interfacial instability for droplet formation in two-layer immiscible liquids under rotational oscillation
Linfeng Piao & Hyungmin Park
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 924, A32 (2021)

Electroconvective circulating flows by asymmetric coulombic force distribution in multiscale porous membrane
Dokeun Lee, Daehyun Choi, Hyungmin Park, Hyomin Lee & Sung Jae Kim
Journal of Membrane Science  636, 119286 (2021)

Scale-wise analysis of upward turbulent bubbly flows: an experimental study
Jun Ho Lee, Hyunseok Kim, Jubeom Lee & Hyungmin Park
Physics of Fluids 33, 053316 (2021)

Interfacial phenomena of the interaction between a liquid-liquid interface and rising bubble
Kyuseong Choi & Hyungmin Park
Experiments in Fluids  62, 126 (2021)

Deep learning-based automated and universal bubble detection and mask extraction in complex two-phase flows
Yewon Kim & Hyungmin Park
Scientific Reports 11, 8940 (2021)

Single-layer wire-mesh sensor to simultaneously measure the size and rise velocity of micro-to-millimeter sized bubbles in a gas-liquid two-phase flow
Jubeom Lee, Min Kim & Hyungmin Park 
International Journal of Multiphase Flow 139, 103620 (2021)

Particle dispersion induced by vortical interactions in a particle-laden upward jet with a partial crossflow
Jooyeon Park & Hyungmin Park
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 915, A5 (2021)

An experimental study of the heat transfer by a single bubble wake rising near a vertical heated wall
Hwiyoung Maeng & Hyungmin Park
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 165, 120590 (2021) 

Modified mixing coefficient for the crossflow between sub-channels in a 5 × 5 rod bundle geometry
Jungjin Lee, Jun Ho Lee & Hyungmin Park
Nuclear Engineering and Technology 52, 2479-2490 (2020)

Ultrasonic flow measurement using a high-efficiency longitudinal-to-shear wave mode-converting meta-slab wedge
Chunguang Piao, Xiongwei Yang, Joshua Minwoo Kweun, Hyunseok Kim, Hyungmin Park, Seung Hyun Cho & Yoon Young Kim
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical  310, 112080 (2020) 

Bubble dynamics and bubble-induced agitation in the homogeneous bubble-swarm past a circular cylinder at small to moderate void fractions
Jubeom Lee & Hyungmin Park
Physical Review Fluids  5, 054304 (2020)

Effect of body angle on the aerodynamics of a rhinoceros beetle: smoke-wire visualization in a wind tunnel
Boogeon Lee, Sehyeong Oh, Haecheon Choi & Hyungmin Park
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 34, 209-218 (2020)

​Development and evaluation of data-driven modeling for bubble size in turbulent bubbly flows using artificial multi-layer neural networks
Hokyo Jung, Serin Yoon, Youngjae Kim, Junho Lee, Hyungmin Park, Dongjoo Kim, Jungwoo Kim & Seongwon Kang
Chemical Engineering Science 213, 115357 (2020)

​A numerical and theoretical study of the aerodynamics performance of a hovering rhinoceros beetle (Trypoxylusdichotomus)
Sehyeong Oh, Boogeon Lee, Hyungmin Park, Haecheon Choi & Sun-Tae Kim
Journal of Fluid Mechanics  885, A18 (2020)

​Laser-induced control of a cavity bubble behind a sinking sphere in water entry: dependency on the surface temperature and impact velocity
Kyuseong Choi, Nayoung Kim, Guwon Seon, Wontae Hwang & Hyungmin Park
Physics of Fluids 31, 122105 (2019)

Vane deployer with a hydrofoil array for enhanced lift-to-drag ratio
Jooyeon Park & Hyungmin Park
Journal of the Korean Society of Visualization 17, 25-31 (2019) (in Korean)

Relation between oil-water interfacial flow structure and their separation in the oil-water mixture flow in a curved channel: an experimental study
Linfeng Piao & Hyungmin Park
International Journal of Multiphase Flow 120, 103989 (2019)

Upward bubbly flows in a square pipe with a sudden expansion: bubble dispersion and reattachment length
Yewon Kim & Hyungmin Park
International Journal of Multiphase Flow 118, 254-269 (2019)

Diffusion characteristics of air pockets on hydrophobic surfaces in channel flow: Three-dimensional measurement of air-water interface
Hyunseok Kim & Hyungmin Park
Physical Review Fluids 4,  074001 (2019)​     — Selected as an Editor’s Suggestion

Evolution of cavitation bubble in tap water by continuous-wave laser focused on a metallic surface
Nayoung Kim, Hyungmin Park & Hyungrok Do
Langmuir 35, 3308-3318 (2019)

Wake structures behind a rotor with superhydrophobic-coated blades at low Reynolds number
Hongseok Choi, Jungjin Lee & Hyungmin Park
Physics of Fluids 31, 015102 (2019 )    —  Selected as an Editor’s Pick

Water entry of rounded cylindrical bodies with different aspect ratios and surface conditions
Nayoung Kim & Hyungmin Park
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 863, 757-788 (2019)

Flow around in-line sphere array at moderate Reynolds number
Daehyun Choi & Hyungmin Park
Physics of Fluids 30, 097104 (2018)     —  Selected as an Editor’s Pick

Effects of superhydrophobic surfaces on the flow around an NACA0012 hydrofoil at low Reynolds numbers
Jungjin Lee, Hyunseok Kim & Hyungmin Park
Experiments in Fluids 59, 111 (2018)

Theoretical prediction and validation of cell recovery rates in preparing platelet-rich plasma through a centrifugation
Linfeng Piao, Hyungmin Park & Chris Hyunchul Jo
PLOS ONE 12, e0187509 (2017)

Relationship between void fraction and mixing in bubble column flow
Islam MD Zahidul, Jubeom Lee & Hyungmin Park
Journal of Korean Society of Visualization 15, 41-46 (2017) (in Korean)

Effects of geometrical parameters of an oil-water separator on the oil-recovery rate
Linfeng Piao, Nayoung Kim & Hyungmin Park
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 31, 2829-2837 (2017)

Wake structures behind an oscillating bubble rising close to a vertical wall
Joohyoung Lee & Hyungmin Park
International Journal of Multiphase Flow 91, 225-242 (2017)

Vortical structures around a flexible oscillating panel for maximum thrust in a quiescent fluid
Hyungmin Park, Yong-Jai Park, Boogeon Lee, Kyu-Jin Cho & Haecheon Choi
Journal of Fluids and Structure 67, 241-260 (2016)

Study of bubble-induced turbulence in upward laminar bubbly pipe flows measured with a two-phase particle image velocimetry
Minki Kim, Jun Ho Lee & Hyungmin Park
Experiments in Fluids 57, 55 (2016)

Three-dimensional wing behaviors of a rhinoceros beetle during takeoff flights
Boogeon Lee, Hyungmin Park & Sun-Tae Kim
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 29, 5281-5288 (2015)

Development of a miniature shear sensor for direct comparison of skin-friction drags
Guangyi Sun, Hyungmin Park & Chang-Jin “CJ” Kim
Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 24, 1426-1435 (2015)

An experimental study on the effects of rough hydrophobic surfaces on the flow around a circular cylinder
Nayoung Kim, Hyunseok Kim & Hyungmin Park
Physics of Fluids 27, 085113 (2015)

Two-dimensional analysis of air-water interface on superhydrophobic grooves under fluctuating water pressure
Linfeng Piao & Hyungmin Park
Langmuir 31, 8022-8032 (2015)

The function of the alula in avian flight
Sang-im Lee, Jooha Kim, Hyungmin Park, Piotr G. Jablonski & Haecheon Choi
Scientific Reports 5, 9914 (2015)
 — Press release at Eureka Alert (

Near-wall rising behaviour of a deformable bubble at high Reynolds number
Hyeonju Jeong & Hyungmin Park
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 771, 564-594 (2015)

Inverse Magnus effect on a rotating sphere: when and why
Jooha Kim, Haecheon Choi, Hyungmin Park & Jung Yul Yoo
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 754, R2 (2014)

Superhydrophobic turbulent drag reduction as a function of surface grating parameters
Hyungmin Park, Guangyi Sun & Chang-Jin “CJ” Kim 
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 747, 722-734 (2014)

Flow structures around a butterfly-shaped low-aspect-ratio wing
Byoungdo Lee, Jongkook Seong, Hyungmin Park & Haecheon Choi
Journal of Mechanical Science & Technology 28, 2669-2675 (2014)

Aerodynamics of heavy vehicles
Haecheon Choi, Jungil Lee & Hyungmin Park 
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics 46, 441-468 (2014)

A numerical study of the effects of superhydrophobic surface on skin-friction drag in turbulent channel flow
Hyunwook Park, Hyungmin Park & John Kim 
Physics of Fluids 25, 110815 (2013)
— Press release at AIP ( and Eureka Alert (; most read articles (Feb 2014)

Bio-mimetic flow control based on morphological features of living creatures
Haecheon Choi, Hyungmin Park, Woong Sagong & Sang-im Lee 
Physics of Fluids 24, 121302 (2012)
— Selected in ‘Research Highlights’; #1 in the top20 most read articles (Jan 2013).

Kinematic control of aerodynamic forces on an inclined flapping wing with asymmetric strokes
Hyungmin Park & Haecheon Choi 
Bioinspiration and Biomimetics 7, 016008 (2012)

Aerodynamic characteristics of flying fish in gliding flight
Hyungmin Park & Haecheon Choi 
Journal of Experimental Biology 213, 3269-3279 (2010)
— Introduced in Scientific American, Nature (research highlight), Science (Science Shot), The Economist, LA times, Encyclopedia Britannica, Eureka Alert, Inside JEB, BBC wildlife magazine and etc. Also, selected as one of five outstanding researches in Zoology by the Encyclopedia Britannica Yearbook 2011.

Aerodynamic performance of a gliding swallowtail butterfly wing model
Hyungmin Park,  Kisoo Bae, Byoungdo Lee, Woo-Pyung Jeon & Haecheon Choi 
Experimental Mechanics 50, 1313-1321 (2010)

Mixing enhancement behind a backward-facing step using tabs
Hyungmin Park, Woo-Pyung Jeon, Haecheon Choi & Jung Yul Yoo 
Physics of Fluids 19, 105103 (2007)

Drag reduction in flow over a two-dimensional bluff body with a blunt trailing edge using a new passive device
Hyungmin Park, Dongkon Lee, Woo-Pyung Jeon, Seonghyeon Hahn, Jeonglae Kim, Jungwoo Kim, Jin Choi & Haecheon Choi 
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 563, 389-414 (2006)

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