Fluid-structure Interaction

Fluid-structure Interaction

Fluid-structure Interaction

There are many examples where the interaction between the fluid flows and the structures has a great importance, especially in biological flows. In studying the fluid-structure interaction (FSI), the deep understanding on the formation and evolution of the vortical structure around the structure is critical, and we are interested in characterizing the mechanism of the locomotion with flexible propulsors.

1. Aerodynamics of the beetle wings

The flight of the female beetle (take-off);

Elytra open and middle legs elevate(left), Hind wings unfold and begin stroke(middle), Take off(right)

Kinematic analysis; time history of flapping angle

2. Flexible nozzle

Expreimental setup

flexible nozzle moving according to the accelerating jet

The thrust and the jet velocity increase when the nozzle becomes more flexible

The strength of the primary vortex is inversely proportional to the nozzle stiffness(Eh)

Eh= ∞




Eh= 24.5

(Less flexible)


(Most flexible)

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